Top 5 Jewelry Making Tips for Beginner Jewelry Designers

Making your own jewelry is not only a ton of fun and an addictive hobby, but it also has the added benefit that you get to wear or sell your creations. When you are first starting out it may seem a little overwhelming to learn all the terminology and techniques; that is why we put together a Top 5 Jewelry Making Tips List for Beginner Jewelry Designers:  

1# Choose a Medium or Type of Jewelry That You Would Like to Create 

It can be quite a challenge to decide what type of jewelry making you would like to start dabbling with since there is such a broad range of possibilities. It is unrealistic to try to tackle every type of jewelry making when you are first starting out. Try to narrow it down to one medium and start from there. You may like beaded jewelry best, or you may prefer a simpler minimalist look like pendant necklaces. Whatever suits your style; start there. Choose one medium and focus on it, knowing that you can always try something else later. In fact, the skills you gain may even build on each other and you will have an easier time learning new techniques! 

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2# Learn the Terminology 

No matter what type of jewelry making you start, there will be a corresponding list of terminologies you will need to familiarize yourself with. Be prepared. There is an extensive list of terminologies for all the tools, supplies, materials, and techniques needed to create jewelry. For a more detailed list of Jewelry Making Terminology read our Jewelry Glossary: Learn Jewelry Making Terms blog post. 

3# Invest in Quality Tools and Supplies 

Every jewelry making project requires a certain set of tools and supplies to create a finished piece. Once you have an idea or a design in mind shop for the necessary supplies needed to create your desired piece.  

When you are first starting out and testing the waters with the type of jewelry you want to create; you may consider purchasing affordable basic tools & supplies. The reality is, the better the tools you work with, the easier the process will be and the better your handmade jewelry will turn out. At first, the initial investment may seem high, particularly when it comes to specialty beading supplies but in the long run, it more than pays for itself when you are able to create gorgeous, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.  

Dedicated Organized Jewelry Making Workspace

4# Create an Organized Dedicated Workspace 

Just as in any other profession; having a dedicated organized workspace is essential in the creation process. Set up a designated arts & crafts area where you can create jewelry in peace and safely store all your jewelry making supplies. A clean, organized area makes the creation process smoother and more enjoyable. Invest in some bead storage containers to store and organize your bead collection. 

5# Take a Class or Look for Inspiration Online 

When first starting out you may want to take a class to master the basic techniques associated with jewelry making. Sometimes watching online tutorials is not the same as having live instructor giving a hands-on demonstration. However, if that is not an option for you there are numerous YouTube tutorial videos on DIY Jewlery Making. Pinterest is also a great app to find inspiration and tutorials for jewelry making. If you have patience and determination, you will be mastering beading patterns in no time at all. Once you start the learning process, you will quickly see that creating gorgeous, custom jewelry is achievable with the right attitude. 

That concludes the top 5 jewelry making tips to consider before starting your jewelry making journey. This article was created to share some helpful tips with beginner jewelry makers. Wishing you the best in your future jewelry making endeavors. 


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