How to Make Your Own Beaded Stretch Bracelet Tutorial

Making beaded bracelets is one the most popular DIY jewelry making projects. It can help you learn all the beading basics to start your journey on becoming a jewelry designer. Stackable Stretch Bracelets are one of the most popular items sold on online platforms. If you are thinking of starting to make your own jewelry to sell, a good place to start would be making a stretch cord bracelet. 

Stretchy bracelets are the perfect beginner's jewelry making project since it is easy and quick to make. Beaded bracelets are versatile and a great addition to any wardrobe. They are easy to wear, colorful, customizable, comfortable and very trendy. It is the perfect gift for your friends and family. It is also a great DIY project to do with the kids.  

So, are you ready to learn how to make your own beaded bracelets? Then keep on reading!


How to Make Stretch Bracelets: 

Making bead bracelets are considered a simple enough project, but with the right tools and supplies you make the process even easier. With the right instructions and some simple tools and materials you will be making bracelets in no time. 

Stretch Bracelet Supplies:

    • Elastic Beading Cord (Stretch Cord)
    • Beads
    • Beading Tray
    • Beading Needle
    • Jewelry Glue
    • Spacer Beads (Optional)
    • Charms (Optional)

You can choose almost any type of bead to make elastic bracelets with. Plastic beads and polymer clay beads are affordable and great for fun designs. It is ideal to use for beginners and for children's craft projects. Glass beads come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and are affordable. A go-to-choice for many jewelry designers. Semi-Precious Gemstone beads are extremely popular choice when it comes to making stretch bracelets. Mostly due to its trendy, versatile yet laid back look. It is also popular due to its healing properties and spiritual meanings. 

Types of Beads for Making Bracelets:

    • Plastic Beads
    • Resin Beads
    • Glass Beads
    • Crystal Beads
    • Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads
    • Seed Beads
    • Polymer Clay Beads

Suggested adult stretch bracelet sizes:
Small 7″ Medium 7.5″ – 8″ Large 9″ Plus size 9.5″

This DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial will teach you how to make your very own stretchy bracelet using an elastic stretch cord and semi-precious gemstone beads. 

Step #1 - Measure Your Wrist

Begin by measuring your wrist. Rotate your forearm outward until your palm is facing up and open your hand. This is when your wrist is the largest and get the most accurate measurement. Place the measuring tape in the middle of your wrist and wrap the measuring tape around your wrist to read the measurement. Make sure the wrap is firm but not too tight. Add 1 inch to your measurement, and that is the length of your new bracelet. 

Step #2 - Layout Your Design 

Using a beading board (optional) layout your bracelet pattern. The board is also marked with inches so you can make sure your design will be the correct finished size before you begin stringing process. 

Step #3 - Prepare your Elastic Cord

Cut a 12" long stretch cord. The most popular size cords to use for gemstone beads is .7mm, .8mm, or 1mm. (1mm is for heavier, larger beads)

Step #4 - Thread Your Beads onto the Cord

Thread cord through beading needle. Thread your beads onto the stretch cord. (Tip: Make sure to add a spacer bead or focal bead with a larger whole to the end of the design where the knot will be. This way it will be easier to hide the tied knot.)

Step #5 - Tie a Surgeon's Knot
Once the beads are all strung, it is time to tie the surgeon's knot to finish the bracelet design. Start by tying a regular knot, but when doing the second part of the knot, as you are passing one end of the cord over and under the other end, do it one more time. Then pull the knot tight as usual. This gives you a knot that is more durable. Pull those knots hard! 

Step #6 - Add Glue to Reinforce the Knot

Finally, I give my surgeon’s knot a little extra reinforcement. For an expert finish, dab a tiny bit of superglue onto the knot and hold it until it dries. Once dry trim off the remainder excess elastic cord. Then, hide the bracelet knot inside the focal bead for a clean & neat finish. (Tip: Give it 24 hours to dry before wearing the jewelry.) 

And there we go your stretch bracelet is complete and ready to be enjoyed. Once you realize how easy it truly is to make these stretch bracelets, you will not be able to stop making them! It is so easy to make a bunch. Plus, when you are at the store there are so many pretty colors to choose from, it is hard not to want to buy dozens of beads.

Update your wardrobe with a bunch of quick DIY stretch cord bracelets. They are fun and fast to make and fashionable to wear too!


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