5 Easy Pearl & Crystal Earrings Design Ideas using Wire & Beads.

Looking for a creative way to add a touch of elegance to your jewelry collection? Whether you're crafting for yourself or looking for a thoughtful gift idea, handmade earrings are always a charming choice. In this guide, we'll explore five stunning earring designs that combine pearls and crystals and wire to create eye-catching accessories. Best of all, each design can be completed in just five to ten minutes, making them perfect for those short on time but big on style.

So, are you ready to learn how to make your own beaded pearl earrings? If yes here is a quick little video demonstration on how to go about making some of these earring designs at home. Written Step by step instructions and materials needed to recreate a similar look is outlined below the video.

Teardrop Pearl Earrings Design 1

For this design, you'll need:

  1. Begin by sliding the teardrop bead onto a ball head pin. Use the round nose pliers and form a loop. 
  2. Cut 10 inches of wire.
  3. Slide the teardrop bead on to the wire.
  4. Add 9 pcs of 6mm pearl beads on both side of the wire.
  5. Taking the round nose pliers and forma loop at the end of the wire to secure the beads in place. Wrap the wire 3 times around.
  6. Ensure that the pearls are securely fastened. 
  7. Take the 8mm bead and add it to wire create a loop and wire wrap it. Add the bead now attach it to the other two loops and wrap.
  8. Now you can add the earring hooks.
  9. Once attached, your Teardrop Pearl Earrings are ready to wear!

Pearl Hoop Earrings Design 2

To create Pearl Hoop Earrings, gather:

  • 4mm white pearls 
  • 18 or 20 gauge wire (whichever size the beads fit on)
  • 6mm Soldered Jump Ring
  • Earring Hooks
  • Teardrop pearl beads
  • 8mm white pearl bead
  • 6mm stainless steel gold bead caps
  • mandrel
  • pliers
  1. Begin by forming the wire into a round shape using a mandrel.
  2. Form a loop on one side and the soldered jump ring. Close the loop.
  3. Begin adding 9pcs of 4mm beads, 6mm bead cap teardrop bead another bead cap, the 8mm pearl bead another gold bead cap, another teardrop bead and another bead cap. Continue by adding 9 more pieces of 4mm white pearl beads.
  4. Now you can secure the beads in place. Start forming a loop, add it to the jump ring attached to the other end of the design. 
  5. Close the loop using your pliers.
  6. Attach an earring hook to the soldered jump ring in the middle.
  7. Now the earrings are ready to be worn.

Pearl Hanging Earrings Design 3

For Pearl Hanging Earrings, you'll need:

  • 4mm Pearl beads
  • 6mm Pearl beads
  • 8mm Pearl beads
  • teardrop pearls
  • 4mm gold bead caps
  • 6mm gold bead caps
  • Ball head pins
  • Earring hooks
  • 20 or 22 gauge wire
  • Jewelry pliers
  1. Begin by adding the 4mm pearls onto the gold ball head pins. Make 2x25 pieces. Add 25 pcs of the looped 4mm pearls to a wire.
  2. Add 8mm  pearl beads on both sides.
  3. Add the gold bead caps in between the beads
  4. Add the pearl teardrop beads next
  5. Add the 6mm white pearl beads next with gold beads caps.
  6. Add 5pcs of 4mm white pearls on each side of the design now followed be 4mm gold bead caps.
  7. Combine the two end of the wire together and slide on a 6mm bead cap, 1 8mm pearl and another 6mm gold bead cap.
  8. Now we are ready to secure the piece by forming a loop with the round nose pliers and beginning to wrap the wire around the base to secure the loop in place.
  9. Once the beads secured attach the jump rings to the earring hooks using the jewelry pliers.
  10. Repeat the process for the second earring.
  11. Your Pearl Hanging Earrings are now ready to adorn your ears with elegance.

Chain-link Pearl Earrings Design 4

To craft Chain-link Pearl Earrings, you'll need:

  • 4mm Pearl Beads
  • 6x5mm White Crystal Beads
  • 8x6mm White Crystal Beads
  • Small chain links
  • Earring hooks
  • Jump rings
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Gold ball head pin
  1. Start placing the 4mm pearl on wires and begin forming loops to create a chain link.
  2. Create the base of the earring by cutting a 4 inch or wire creating a pin to add the the teardrop bead and 6 pcs of 6x5mm white crystal beads. Secure the ends.
  3. Attach the pearl beads to the chain links using the jump rings and jewelry pliers.
  4. Combine the two chains and add the to a 8x6mm White crystal bead using wire and your pliers.
  5. Add an Earring hook to the Pearl Earrings. Now its complete and ready to wear.

Daisy Flower Pearl Earrings Design 5

For Daisy Flower Pearl Earrings, gather:

  • 4mm Pearl beads
  • 4mm gold hematite bead
  • teardrop pearl beads
  • Earring hooks
  • 24 gauge or 26 gauge Jewelry wire
  • 4mm gold bead caps 
  • Jewelry pliers
  1. Create the daisy flower shape by threading the pearl and crystal beads onto the jewelry wire in a circular pattern.
  2. Attach 4mm gold hematite bead to the middle of the circle by passing through the white pearl beads.
  3. Once the flower shape is formed, add the handing teardrop section next.
  4. Work you way back to the top with the wires.
  5. Secure the beads in place by twisting the ends of the wire together.
  6. Than begin forming a loop at the base and wrapping the wire around the base several times before trimming the excess wire with wire cutters.
  7. Attach the completed daisy flower to the earring hooks using the jewelry pliers.
  8. Your Daisy Flower Pearl Earrings are now a charming addition to your jewelry collection.

With these five easy designs, you can create a variety of pearl and crystal earrings to suit any occasion. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of teardrop pearls or the whimsical charm of daisy flowers, these handmade creations are sure to add a touch of beauty to your accessory collection. So, gather your supplies and get ready to unleash your creativity with these quick and stylish DIY earrings!



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