How to Make a Multi-Strand Gemstone Necklace | DIY Beaded Necklace

Beaded Gemstone Necklaces are a great way to add a touch of elegance to any outfit. In this DIY Jewelry tutorial, we will be making a multistrand necklace using 8mm & 10mm white jade beads and a faceted white jade tusk shaped gemstone pendant. We will also be incorporating 3mm gold hexagon hematite spacer beads and a light gold spring clasp to complete the look.

So, are you ready to learn how to make your own multi-strand gemstone beaded necklace? If yes here is a quick little video demonstration on how to go about making one of these multistrand necklaces yourself at home. Written Step by step instructions and materials needed to recreate a similar look is outlined below the video.

Here are the Materials Required to Recreate this Necklace:

How to Make a Multi-Strand Beaded Necklace:

This DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial will teach you how to make your very own beaded necklace using 7 strand beading wire, semi-precious gemstone beads and gold jewelry findings. 

Suggested Necklace Size: 16"-18" Inches Long

Step #1 - Cut 3 strands of Beading Wire:

Cut the beading wire. Cut three pieces of beading wire to the desired length of your necklace. The length will depend on the size of the wearer's neck and personal preference. We recommend starting with a length of 16" inches for the first two strands that will create the longer portion of the necklace and a 20" strand for the shorter portion of the necklace. (The extra length is to make sure there is enough wire to rethread through the first 3 beads when starting and finishing the necklace.)

Step #2 - Starting Your Necklace:

Slide a crimp bead onto one of the cut pieces of 16" beading wire, slide a wire guardian and the gold jump ring onto the wire. Loop the wire back through the wire guardian and then the crimp bead, leaving a small loop. (Repeat this step for the other 16" beading wire.)

Step #3: String the 10mm Beads:

Start with one of the 16" strands of beading wire and string 10mm white jade beads and the 3mm gold hexagon hematite spacer beads alternately until you reach the desired length. We added 18 pcs of 10mm White Jade & 17 pcs of Gold Hematite. Than add a 6mm Gold Disc Bead. ( Repeat this step for the other 16" strand.)

Step #4 - Attach Spring Clasp: 

Take one of your 16" beaded wire and add a crimp bead to it. Slide on a wire guardian and add a gold spring clasp. Loop the wire back through the crimp bead, and the last three beads on your strand.  Use crimper pliers to crimp the bead. Add Crimp Cover. Cut off any excess beading wire. (Repeat this step for the other 16" beaded wire strand.)

Step #5 - Add the Gemstone Pendant: 

Now that your two strands are combined together with the spring you can add your gemstone pendant Using a jump ring. Attach the white jade gemstone pendant to the center of the spring ring clasp. 

Step #6 - Combine all Three Strands:

Take your 20" cut beading wire and repeat Step #2. Slide on your crimp bead, wire guardian. Slide your wire guardian onto the 10mm strands jump ring; in order to combine the two strands. Loop the wire back through the wire guardian and then the crimp bead, leaving a small loop. Use your crimp pliers to secure the wire by crimping down the crimp bead. Add 6mm Gold Disc Spacer Bead.

Step #7 - String the 8mm Beads

Add your beads. String on 40 pcs of 8mm White Jade Gemstone Beads and 39pcs 3mm Gold Hexagon shaped Hematite Spacer Beads alternately. Once you reach the end, slide a 6mm gold disc spacer bead and a crimp bead onto the wire.

Step #8 - Finishing off the Second Strand:

Slide on a wire guardian and attach it to the jump ring of the 10mm strand. Loop the wire back through the wire guardian, the crimp bead and then the last three beads. Use your crimper pliers. Add a Crimp cover on to your crimped bead. For finishing touches trim any excess wire.

Step #9 - Add Lobster Clasp

Add a gold lobster clasps using a jump ring to attach it to your combined strands.

Step # 10 - Add a Chain Extender.

Add a Chain Extender to the other side of your combined strands. Use a Jump Ring to Attach the chain. (We made our chain extender by using a 6mm gold chain and a 4mm gold hematite bead to finish it off)

And that's it! Your beautiful beaded gemstone multistrand necklace is now complete! Ready to be worn, gifted or to be sold. The combination of white jade beads and the white jade gemstone pendant make for a stunning, elegant piece of jewelry. The addition of light gold heishi hematite spacer beads adds texture and depth to the necklace. This necklace is perfect for a special occasion or to dress up a casual outfit. Its is perfect to gift to a friend or even to sell as your personal creation online. 

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